We’re nearly there!

Mentioned in my previous Blog, an exhibition we’ve been curating with Mary-Beth Lavoilette titled: A Family at War: the Lougheeds, Calgary and the First World War.

The exhibition grows out of the culmination of a career and a family dedicated to public service during the Great War, before and beyond. The challenge: how to tell the vastness of the story in only 60 objects?

Sir James Lougheed

Like any exhibition, it began as a coincidence between the vision of the curators, the objectives of the institution (Lougheed House Conservation Society) and the hoped for interest of the visiting public.  It is also shaped by fragile circumstances, such as limited budgets, resources, and time.

Happily, the past few weeks have marked an exciting moment in the development of the exhibition: we’ve been working with designer Elizabeth Carey bringing together spaces, surfaces, colours, and graphics to support and reveal the stories in the exhibition. This is when things started to become tangible: when the idea becomes a reality.

A tight installation schedule. Given we had only a few days to hang the show, object placement is planned down to the hour.  Yes. We’re nearly there. Installation is almost complete.  Three months have flown by and the calendar says only 2 days left until we open the doors…. The clock says 48 hours!

Opening Reception: October 17, 2014 5:00 pm



A FAMILY AT WAR: the Lougheeds, Calgary and the First World War.
October 15th, 2014 – January 18th, 2015 – Lougheed House