Collections Management

We have a wide-ranging experience with collections in a variety of museums and historic houses, including the relocation of collections.

To assist our clients with their collection management needs we undertake registration, acquisition, loan, deaccession and disposition as well as documentation and descriptive cataloguing of objects using hierarchical nomenclature in a variety of classification systems. We offer to migrate information from card catalogues to electronic systems, providing training in inventory control, search and retrieval techniques. As members of the Alberta Museums Association (AMA) all tasks meet with the Standard Practices Handbook for Museums of the AMA.

Accession Numbering. We also tag and physically apply accession numbers to a wide range of objects.

Disaster Planning and Recovery. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure your objects and collections have the best chance of surviving a disaster, evaluating the risk, planning the response, recovering, documenting and salvaging damaged material.


LV.Greyes Partnership
Conservation + Collections Management for
Museums, Galleries and Private Collectors




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