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LV.Greyes Partnership undertakes a complete range of conservation treatments, storage and display solutions for historic and modern materials. With over thirty-five years of experience working in museums, historic houses and private collections in both Canada and the UK we use our knowledge and skill to conserve and manage collections, ensuring objects can be enjoyed today while preserving them for tomorrow.

History plays a key role in our everyday lives. Learning from the past helps us shape our future. Connecting with the past through the objects that remain, such as buildings, art and artefacts make history come alive, so good maintenance is crucial for their preservation. The future enjoyment of historical material depends on how it is taken care of today.

Nothing remains as it is forever. Whatever an object is, it will change over time and deteriorate. Conservation is about preventing and managing this change. While we cannot turn back the clock, we can slow it down. Through conservation and care, we can make objects last. Conservation saves not just the physical form of an object, but also reveals its meaning: how it was made, used and valued, providing a worthy window into the past.

“Damp, which is the most insidious of all enemies… steals in while we sleep; damp is silent, imperceptible, ubiquitous. Damp swells the wood, furs the kettle, rusts the iron, rots the stone. So gradual is the process that it is not until… the whole thing drops to pieces in our hands, that we suspect even that the disease is at work.” Virginia Woolf, Orlando.

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